What is decorative concrete?

Decorative concrete is just what it sounds like – concrete that’s been modified to have aesthetically pleasing properties. Decorative concrete opens up a whole new world of possibilities. No longer do you have to settle for a drab but durable, or attractive but delicate.  Economic, long lasting beauty is made possible with decorative concrete. For more information, check out Decorative Concrete 101.

Architects can specify Solomon and Brickform products with confidence that the products will preform to your expectations. Solomon Colors and Brickform products are backed by the largest distribution network in the industry, meaning the products you specify will be readily available across North America. Furthermore, Solomon Colors and Brickform products come with an extensive support network of technical experts and regional sales managers. Chose the highest quality materials with the greatest availability and the best support network.

How to specify decorative concrete

Click the button below to view Solomon Colors and Brickform architectural documentation. Download 3-Part Specifications, Catalogs, Compliance Documents, and Literature. Solomon Colors and Brickform can also be found on Autodesk, Sweets, and ARCAT.

Learning about decorative concrete

We encourage architects unfamiliar with decorative concrete to read our Decorative Concrete FAQ and Decorative Concrete Systems. If you are interested in more in-depth and hands on decorative concrete knowledge, you can attend one of our regular training seminars or local demonstrations. For more information, visit the Brickform Training Website.

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For more information:

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