What is decorative concrete?

Decorative concrete is just what it sounds like – concrete that’s been modified to have aesthetically pleasing properties. Decorative concrete opens up a whole new world of possibilities. No longer do you have to settle for a drab but durable, or attractive but delicate.  Economic, long lasting beauty is made possible with decorative concrete. For more information, check out Decorative Concrete 101.

How to use this site? 

This site is an introductory resource for homeowners and architects interested in decorative concrete. Use this site to help you develop a basic understanding of decorative concrete, determine what you want, and findcontractors. To aid you in this, myconcretecontractor.com has the following features:

Find a Contractor – This tool helps you find decorative concrete contractors in your area. Use this tool to start your search. View our Terms of Service before use.

Decorative Concrete 101 – This section contains FAQ and articles to help the homeowner decide if and what kind of decorative concrete is right for them.

Gallery – Real photos from real contractors will help you narrow down your search.

StampApp – This revolutionary augmented reality app for your smartphone or tablet makes it easier to visualize decorative concrete where you want it.